Food Quality & Safety Policy


SARANTIS SA policy is the achievement and maintenance of high standards of quality, safety and hygiene throughout its range of products. These standards are committed to the principles and requirements of the most modern and accepted applications and practices with an orientation and goal of QUALITY, HYGIENE & SAFETY of the products, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT, RESPECT FOR THE HUMAN FACTOR without discrimination, and secondarily the ECONOMY. Basic principle and commitment of SARANTIS SA. but also the philosophy of each of its executives, is to provide its customers with services and products that fully cover their contractual requirements, to comply with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and to achieve the quality and safety objectives set by the company for each project takes over. In order to achieve the above, the Company’s Management Implements a Food Safety and Hygiene System in accordance with the ISO 22000:2018 standard. The company SARANTIS SA has fully complied with the International Food standard version 7. It continuously reviews and improves the characteristics of its products / services, where this is possible, as well as the effectiveness of its Processes and by extension the S.D.P. It sets measurable and objective goals for quality and safety at the corporate level, at the functional level of Departments and/or Processes as well as with regard to its products or services. These objectives are established and evaluated in terms of the degree of their achievement in the context of the Review of the S.D.P. by the company’s Management. It provides the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient and effective operation of each Department of the company with the aim of sustainable development and the development of a culture of quality and food safety.

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