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SARANTIS S.A. was founded in 1928 on the island of Chios, the island of Homer. The island was well known since ancient times for the blossoms and  aroma of its seasonal fruits and the unique extract of Mastic tree, famous for its curative properties.

SARANTIS S.A. holds  a leading position in the traditional sweet products market, producing fruits in syrup, Greek delights, mastic and vanilla sweets, honey sesame and nuts bars, coconut sweets, concentrated  juices and chewing gums with Chios mastic.

In 2000 the new factory in Chios for fruit preserves is fully  operational.

In 2005 the chewing gum unit starts operations.

 The manufacturing process combines the traditional way of manufacturing  with modern equipment and processes.

 Quality controls on all phases of production and distribution guarantee the high quality of products. 

 Main export markets E.U., U.S.A., Canada, Australia,  S. Africa and Turkey.

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